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Vivid Homes Tenancy Agreement

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Justification of a framework contract term of more than 8 years: all houses purchased through Shared Ownership are inheritance tax. This means that you own your share in the house, but the land on which your house is built belongs to the Freeholder – in this case VIVID. The duration of the lease is described in your rental agreement that you receive from your lawyer. It can be 125 years or, in some cases, 250 years. An initial rental agreement may be offered to new tenants of housing companies. These usually last 12 months and are like a “trial phase”. From one-bedroom apartments to detached houses, look at the houses offered today by VIVID Sales. We use a third-party pet policy service, all applicants only need to create a tenant or pet/pet profile. The applicant, please, go to this link: notification to the Schufa – Our corporate policy is to report any breach under the terms of your rental agreement or non-payment of rent or any amount due to the credit bureau and/or a collection office, and if the amount is disputed, it is declared controversial in accordance with the law.

It`s the worst social housing company I`ve ever met. We rented a garage for almost 20 years. We paid our bills without error. We asked for minimum contributions and kept the premises in good condition. The rental is in my mother`s name. She is 86 years old and deaf. Trying to get them to talk to me to fix the roof was an almost impossible task. It`s been going on for weeks, and it`s only now that they finally told me that the problem was that the address on the authorization form was wrong, since they really wanted the garage address that wasn`t being asked. I asked if I could change the lease in my name, as it would spare my older mother`s participation.

I was told that no, it couldn`t happen because it was a treatment of choice. I explained that the rent is paid by my account and that I am the one who uses the premises, but no, they said, basically, that if my mother dies, I will have to go on a waiting list for the garage that I had been renting for 19 years. It`s disgusting. I myself work in social services and housing, and I can honestly say that if one of the employees I supervise had the same attitude and the unreasal approach, I would be horrified. I`m so grateful that it`s just a garage that we rent, as if the same level of customer service is given for full-time tenants, so it`s really horrible and they deserve better. Buyer profile address: I (we) confirm that the information contained in this rental request is accurate and accurate. I (we) agree that Vivid PM may terminate any contract entered into (including the lease) by relying on false information contained in this request. . .