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Citizenship And Immigration Canada Collective Agreement

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The processing of incitive payments for retirees and part-time leave and overtime shall be carried out within 150 days of the signing of this Agreement. For permanent employees and part-time remuneration, the TSM is assessed in proportion to the severance pay provided for in the collective agreement. The severance pay provisions of the collective agreements apply in addition to the MST. 17.38 Both parties to this agreement must identify the person entitled to deal with a political complaint who, upon receipt of a political complaint, must: 17.36 Both the union and the employer may submit a political complaint to the other concerning the interpretation or application of the collective agreement with respect to one of them or the bargaining unit in general. Notwithstanding Article 22 (job security) of the Collective Agreement, in the event of a conflict between this Annex to the Transition to Employment and this Article, the current policy of transition to employment shall take precedence. 5.1.1 Surplus employees and dismissed persons who are appointed to a subordinate position in accordance with this Annex shall, where appropriate, have their wage and wage compensation protected in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement on the protection of wages or, in the absence of such provisions, the corresponding provisions of the Agency`s directive with regard to remuneration in the event of redeployment or conversion. 1.1.32 Severance pay and other benefits under other clauses of collective agreements are separated from and added to the provisions of this Annex. ** 64.02 NJC points that may be included in a collective agreement are those that the parties to the NJC agreements have designated as such or on which the Chairman of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board has made a decision in accordance with clause (c) of the NJC Agreement which came into effect on December 6. 1978, as amended from time to time. A foreign worker cannot be required to be paid for immigration assistance as a precondition for the insularization of a job. For greater certainty, payments under 62.04 to 62.07 or other similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered severance pay for the management of this clause. 66.02 Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the provisions of this Agreement shall enter into force on the date of their signature.

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