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Bigstone Road Use Agreement

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As of June 12, 2020, traffic bans have been lifted on all Paramount Resources Ltd. roads. We would like to remind all road users that they remain responsible for monitoring road conditions and travel on the basis of their road use agreement, which involves limiting travel under adverse conditions. “I`m a whole blood contract of Aboriginal people, but I don`t like the First Nations system,” he says. “This is the best way for Indigenous communities. We are isolated, but we have the best roads. We have lighting all over the street. We have much better roads than reserves. A proposal to use a portion of Bigstone`s hard-earned $231 million cash payment was a plan to buy gravel and finally repair smooth, muddy reserve roads. “I told my wife not to vote because she has nothing to gain,” says Jason Supernault, who lives on reserve but works in reserve at an oil field construction company.

“She didn`t want gravel, so why would she want to spend the money?” Today, Auger says he thinks the courtroom, not the street, is the best place for Bigstone to fight for both the province and Opportunity to win oil. He says he intends to hire more non-Aboriginal economic development professionals, not just unskilled family members, to help the group renegotiate a better partnership with the oil industry and insist on more local resources.