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Account Supervision Agreement

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The Authority has developed a model supervisory agreement. However, it is important that you adapt this in such a way that it accurately reflects the actual agreement between the provisional licensee and the supervisor. Supervisory interviews are considered confidential, with the exception of questions relating to the safety of the practice. The monitoring agreement should include an agreed process for managing the exchange of information. While it is not necessary to have a complete balance between the four functions during each supervisory session, it is important that none of them consistently dominates the supervision process. Supervisors and supervisors should monitor any tendency to focus on a given function and consider why this may occur. Use this template to develop your supervision agreement To do this, we have made available a Blackpool Case Review Document (see Appendix E: Case Review) which is divided into sections that can be used to critically reflect and analyze our work. It also contains three sections at the end of the document. These must be completed by your supervisor or hierarchical superior. This document should also be used to prepare a follow-up to agreed group cases. Part-time workers should be provided with appropriate and appropriate supervision. The frequency of monitoring agreed with the officer, taking into account the working modalities of the individuals and the above-mentioned standard.

Critical reflection and analysis of our actions and interventions as social workers is essential for both personal and professional development. We examined management oversight and available guidelines. We found that an important part of oversight is the ability to critically analyze all aspects of service user intervention. It is important that the supervisor and supervisor are aware of the confidentiality of the monitoring, and this should be explicitly stated in the monitoring contract. Information from supervision may be included in conversations between the supervisor and his or her supervisor regarding matters affecting the functioning of management, in particular where there is a risk to individuals or management. The supervisor has the right to communicate the information generated by the surveillance when: formal case decisions need to be recorded in the case management system. Decide who will do this in the support agreement. In order not to have to obtain authorization for a new supervisory contract if your supervisor is not available, it is strongly recommended that the monitoring agreement contain an alternative full licensee who would perform the role of supervisor in the absence of the senior supervisor. Participants should follow these five phases (based on mastering Social Work Supervision, Jane Wonnacott, 2012) in their discussions, while building the relationship. The final product of this process is the monitoring agreement.

The support agreement is the written document that defines how participants collaborate to achieve commonly agreed goals. “Service Users” means all those who use social work and security services. “Practice” describes working directly with service users. “Performance” describes the quality of an employee`s work. “Supervisor” means any person at any level who is responsible for supervising others. .