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2002 Master Agreements

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No no. The Protocol will cover the 2002 Framework Agreements, irrespectical of the applicable law of the Agreement. However, parties to a 2002 framework agreement, which is subject to a law other than English law or New York law, will want to check whether there is legal support for the application of the protocol when it is used in respect of 2002 framework contracts subject to those laws. The 2002 Framework Agreement is expected to become the standard framework agreement used by participants in international OTC derivatives markets. Until the association updates its entire documentary library, the parties to the 2002 framework contracts will intend to use certain documents dating from before 2002 in connection with such agreements. In this context, market participants that have not yet decided to conclude a 2002 framework agreement should consider signing the protocol. How can I obtain a copy of the 2002 ISDA Framework Protocol and other relevant information? Prior to the publication of the 2002 agreement, ISDA published a series of definition brochures and credit support documents. These documents refer to the terminology and provisions of the 1992 ISDA Framework Treaties. The Protocol makes it possible to amend these various documents to take account of the new terminology and the provisions of the 2002 Agreement.

The fact that an institution modifies all the contracts concerned in order to support these standard changes would represent a considerable time and cost if it were involved in bilateral negotiations between all counterparties. ISDA therefore supports a multilateral mechanism for amendment – the Protocol. No no. Participation in the Protocol is not limited to operators who have already concluded a 2002 framework agreement. The Protocol has been designed specifically to be open to any market player who has either concluded a 2002 framework agreement or may conclude it in the future. It shall be proactive to the extent that two Parties conclude a 2002 Framework Agreement, the provisions of the Protocol shall apply, as agreed between them, to their relations under this 2002 Framework Agreement. Do I need to have a 2002 Framework Agreement before I can participate in the 2002 Framework Protocol? Does ISDA provide legal advice accompanying the 2002 Framework Protocol? The framework agreement is a document agreed between two parties that establishes standard conditions applicable to all transactions concluded between these parties. Whenever a transaction is concluded, the terms of the framework agreement need not be renegotiated and apply automatically. .

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