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Top Up Agreement

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2. All parties involved must participate in a written agreement. The third party will enter into a contract with the Council or sometimes with the nursing home. The agreement should be reviewed annually and third parties or individuals may ask to see the additional fees if they are no longer able or willing to bear the additional costs. If the third party is no longer able to continue to pay the increase, the Commission will conduct a new needs analysis before deciding what to do next. They must take into account the impact that an older person would have on their well-being and whether the alternative care home would effectively cover all the care needs of the people. In the meantime, the Commission is responsible for covering any cases of royalty error. If you pay the obligation, the municipality is not obliged to keep your relative`s place in the more expensive retirement home. However, you can try to reach an agreement with the retirement home that would allow your relative to continue living there at a price equivalent to the Council`s standard budget.

This could include moving to a cheaper room in the same house. If it is not possible to reach such an agreement, your loved one may have to move to an alternative home. The surcharge contract must explain important points, including the frequency of payments and how much you must pay. If you are not in the dark or do not agree with one aspect of the surcharge agreement, do not sign it and seek advice. Call us on 0800 319 6789 to speak to an advisor. One of the few cases in which a resident may be able to pay his own obligation is when he has entered into a deferred payment contract. The survey also showed a wide variation in the practice of local authorities with regard to the imposition of surtax charges with regard to who the contract is with, the terms of the third party agreement, what is provided and how much advice and information and how affordable the mark-up is assessed. It was this research and the lobbies that followed that led the government to amend the Care Act 2014. Those who pay the obligation must sign a written agreement with the local authority. This should include: 2. If a person has entered into a deferral payment agreement with the Commission so that his costs are financed by a Council loan guaranteed by a Council tax on his property, he can again pay his own premium.