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The Fresh Agreement

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Although it was not possible during the negotiations to resolve all the key issues related to the creation of a new comprehensive institutional framework for dealing with the legacy of the past, as envisaged in the Stormont Agreement, significant progress has been made. As part of the fresh-start agreement, the Irish government has made a number of additional commitments to finance key infrastructure projects, such as the A5 road project, as well as investments in the North West region, to support economic development, which generates jobs and prosperity for all citizens. Fresh Start also includes a plan to end paramilitarism and the fight against organised crime, including the creation of an international agency to report on progress in the pursuit of paramilitary activities in Northern Ireland and the creation of a joint Agency task force to identify strategic priorities in the fight against transnational organized crime and to monitor operational coordination. The Fresh Start Agreement provides a credible roadmap for the implementation of many aspects of the Stormont House Agreement (including transfer and flags) and supports the continued stability of the deceded power-sharing institutions so that they can provide the people of Northern Ireland. Available. Expected delivery to the Russian Federation in 15-19 working days. Both governments are committed to further reflection on outstanding issues and ways to move them forward, with a focus on the needs of victims and survivors of this work. Governments also reaffirmed their desire to create an agreed basis for the establishment of institutions that deal with the past, in order to achieve all possible remedies, both for individual victims and survivors as well as for society as a whole. On 17 November 2015, after ten weeks of intensive negotiations between Northern Ireland`s five main political parties and the Irish and British governments, the stimulus agreement was concluded. Available.

Fresh Start was sent from the UK in 11 working days and was, at the Stormont Agreement of December 2014, another important step towards normalising politics and society in Northern Ireland and the hard-won peace-building for the Island of Ireland, achieved by the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.