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Non-Competition Agreement Lawsuit

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Prosecutions are undoubtedly costly. While no contract can eliminate litigation costs, you still have a choice between protecting your company`s interests by taking legal action and minimizing damage. Non-compete agreements allow you to reach an agreement with your staff that can be beneficial if final disputes become necessary one day. There are cases where a non-competition agreement is detailed enough to contain the names of companies whose outgoing worker is not allowed to seek employment. The blue pencil rule allows a court to carve, reform or amend a non-compete agreement that is too broad to make it reasonable under the law. This notion of law allows the final, enforceable provisions of the treaty to remain in spite of the cancellation of unenforceable and unenforceable provisions. However, the revised version of the treaty must be one of the original meanings. The non-competition agreement should indicate specific jobs or obligations in which the worker is not allowed to participate. It should detail what the employee can and cannot do. There should be no restrictions on finding a job in a completely different field, for example. B as the manager of a company hired by a university. A valid and enforceable non-competitive agreement generally contains provisions for enforcement and redress in the event of an infringement.

An employer may sue for breach or a worker may ask to declare that the agreement is invalid or unenforceable, either in general or with respect to the worker`s circumstances. Corrective measures in the event of a breach of a no-competition agreement could include liquidated damages, compensation for an employer`s actual losses, or rights to omission. Questions, comments, only want to talk with lawyers? Call us at any time or send us an email. We are here to help and we are offering lump sum consultations on non-competition agreements. For more information on this article, drafting competition agreements or charging a competition restriction, contact lawyer Jason Shinn. Will you be prosecuted for violating your non-competition rules? Maybe it depends on what you`re doing. Below, you will find a miniature sketch of legal actions in connection with alleged violations of the non-compete clause. There was no serious dispute over the termination of the defendant`s activities if the non-competition agreements were applied in accordance with their explicit terms; their company sold and sold insurance products in Michigan and was a few miles from its former employer office. The agreement must be a good business reason for the existing points. It cannot be used as a simple tool to prevent employees from going for a better pay or better position. We often get calls from employers warned that they want to hire a new employee (by a competitor of course) who is the best since the bread cut, but it has this non-compete agreement. The first question is usually: “It`s unworkable, isn`t it?” The seemingly pointless lawyer`s answer, “it depends,” is only the starting point.

The most practical problem is that your business is being sued if you hire that person and you need to spend valuable time and money determining whether the non-compete clause is applicable or not. It was only this month that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal, which includes complaints from federal district courts in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee, decided Kelly Services, Inc. v. De Steno. In this case, three former employees of Kelly Service, a human resources and consulting firm, and only a few days later, they went to work for a competitor for the seemingly equal position in the same market. When the employer heard the news, he whipped up the non-competition agreement and asked him to push it back. The employees refused and guessed what happed… the employer took legal action. Now let`s talk about the worst-case scenario: what if the former employer filed a complaint for injury