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Nasdaq Vendor Agreement

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If you already have a UTP authorization agreement and want to get delayed UTP data on IEX Cloud, I already have a UTP vendor agreement – how do I get that data via IEX Cloud? “Quote”: open, openTime, closeTime, delayedPrice, delayedPriceTime,extendedPrice, extendedPriceTime, extendedChange, extendedChange, week52High, week52High, week52Low, week52Low, high, low zero. For icons listed only on the Nasdaq, if you do NOT have UTP authorization, you will find this: IEX Cloud continues to work every day to easily use financial data for each developer and investor. Thank you for continuing to support our mission to set new standards for the accessibility of financial data. If you need to extract price data for a stock listed on the Nasdaq, you may not necessarily need specific Nasdaq UTP data. Because Nasdaq-listed shares are traded on all exchanges, not just the Nasdaq, IEX Cloud also provides price data on nasdaq-listed shares, in line with the latest Exchanges on the Investors Exchange. Send a supplier contract. Select “IEX Cloud Services LLC” for “data provider.” For “Account number or place of data storage with the datafeed provider.” Enter your IEX Cloud account ID. This can be found by logging in to iEX Cloud Console, clicking on the “Support” tab and providing the “Account Number” value. Send a description of the system: Online or hard copy While Investors Exchange data is free and unlimited, IEX Cloud also provides access to data from many other sources, such as UTP data for Nasdaq-listed stocks. Nasdaq UTP is the sole source and owner of this data, and as a result it is able to dictate the price and terms of its use. IEX Cloud and our customers are therefore required to comply with these conditions. If you need permission for the necessary data, you must complete the Nasdaq UTP forms and pay the fee. Details can be found below.

“Quote”: latestPrice, latestUpdate, latestUpDate, latestTime, latestSource, change, changePercent, marketCap, ytdChange will not contain Nasdaq UTP data, but will use Investors Exchange data.