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Internal Revenue Service Agreement

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TAX ADVICE As part of our relationship, we may provide you with business and tax advice, but we are not required to do so unless you specifically ask us to provide a particular service and we keep a work statement for those services. It is our policy to write down all the advice a client wants to rely on. We believe that this is necessary to avoid confusion and to highlight the specificity of our advice. Don`t rely on the unwritten advice of our society. Since our tax services cover many benefits during our relationship, each commitment ends with the resulting tax return or the work income mentioned in the corresponding work returns. Our company has developed some of the usual practices that we will apply to you in the provision of tax services called our service standards. These service standards contain additional information about the nature and extent of the tax services we can provide to you. These service standards are available for your evaluation electronically on our website, click here for individual taxpayers or click here for business taxpayers; If you would like to receive a copy of the current service standards on paper, please contact us. (3) that the agreement takes effect on the first day of the calendar quarter in which Form 2032 is signed by the District Manager or Service Centre Director, or on the first day of the next calendar term, by appointment; In addition, our company or any of its employees or representative is summoned or called to testify, either in writing or electronically at a hearing or court hearing, quasi-judicial or administrative information or communications that you have made available to this company, or any document and discussion document that we have prepared pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, you agree to pay all reasonable costs, including fees and fees related to our time, rates in effect at the time, as well as any legal or other tax that we make as a result of such an appearance or presentation of documents. FOREIGN REPORTING REQUIREMENTS If you and/or your company have a financial interest in or the ability to sign foreign accounts, you may be subject to certain filing requirements with the U.S.

Treasury Department, in addition to the IRS. Reporting requirements may also apply to subjects who have direct or indirect control over a foreign or domestic company with foreign financial accounts, even if the taxpayer does not have foreign accounts.