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Implicit Agreement Meaning

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It is a common function of organizations to enter into contracts with staff or other organizations. In these agreements, one of the parties is generally asked to agree to restrict or waive some of its legal rights. In other cases, the agreement may list certain rights expressly protected by its contract. In some cases, declarations of waiver of the law are even unenforceable — courts must find that a contracting party is legally able to waive or protect a particular right and agree to assert all claims for or against it. The earliest studies on the application of implicit contract models in capital markets consider the existence of credit rationing as part of a risk-sharing relationship between a bank and its client: the bank is risk-neutral and the borrower is risk-averse, which allows them to benefit from a long-term relationship by transferring the interest rate risk from the borrower to the bank. If loans are traded on the spot market, the borrower would be exposed to fluctuations in the cash interest rates on the loan. Instead, when the borrower enters into an implied contract with a bank, the bank can protect the borrower from spot market fluctuations by offering a constant interest rate on the credit and in exchange for a higher long-term average interest rate. However, if each bank calculated an interest rate higher than the average spot market rate, there would be credit rationing. [9] This approach is based on the assumption that agents (banks and borrowers) have different risk parameters. However, recent studies of capital markets are not based on different risk attitudes, but focus on asymmetric information and the risk of default in capital markets.

In addition, implicit contracts played an important role in explaining credit rationing under asymmetric information. In the context of the labour market, an implied contract is an employment contract between employers and a worker that indicates the work done by the worker and the salary that the employer will pay in the future in other circumstances. An implied contract can be an explicitly written document or a tacit agreement (some call the first an “explicit contract”). The contract is self-imposed, meaning that neither party would be prepared to violate the implied contract in the absence of external application, otherwise both parties would be less well off.