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Acronis True Image License Agreement

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It is expressly understood, recognized and accepted that, whether the licensee is formally invited to do so or not, Acronis provides appropriate suggestions, comments and comments regarding the software, including, but not limited to, usability, bug reports and test results, with respect to software testing (together “Feedback”). Depending on all these elements, and in particular the licensee`s obligation to give feedback, the licensee grants Acronis, under all the intellectual property and property rights of the licensee, the following in the world, non-exclusive, non-exclusive, irrevocable, free, fully paid rights: (i) for manufacture, use, copying, modification, sale, distribution, sub-licensing and production of feedback-derived works in the context of an Acronis product, technology, service, specification or other documentation (individual and collective, “Acronis”); (ii) publicly present or display, import, transfer, distribute, distribute, offer, sell, lease or lend copies of the feedback as part of an Acronis product as part of an Acronis product; (iii) third-party sub-licenses only with respect to the rights and trade secrets of the taker, including the right to sublicensing to other third parties; and (iv) the sublicensing of licensee-held patents or patents granted to the licensee, which are necessarily infringed by a third-party product, technology or service that use, interoperate, interoperate or share feedback or the part of it that is integrated into an Acronis product, technology or service. In addition, the licensee guarantees that the licensee`s feedback is not subject to licensing conditions that would require Acronis to comply with all additional obligations regarding Acronis products containing any feedback. The expiry date of the subscription license is calculated from the date of purchase. If the subscription license is renewed, the new expiry date is linked to the current expiry date of the subscription if the renewal is acquired before the current expiry date of the subscription. If the renewal of the subscription license was purchased after the subscription expires, the expiry date of the new subscription is calculated from the date of purchase. By using the website and/or publishing documents, you accept Acronis, its senior executives, its directors, collaborators, successors, representatives, distributors and affiliates must compensate all claims, damages, losses and means (including legal fees) resulting from your violation or any alleged violation of this Agreement (including, but not limited to, third-party claims for infringement of intellectual property rights) or for any content provided by you (or by your I.D. user). They agree to cooperate in the defence of a claim in a manner that is as comprehensive as it reasonably necessary. Acronis reserves the right to take exclusive defense and control of all others you compensate.

This BLUE is a legal agreement (hereafter referred to as “agreement”) between Acronis International GmbH (“Acronis”) and you, either an individual or a single entity (hereafter the “licensee”). This Agreement applies to any software, support, material, data, files and printed information, as well as any “online” or electronic (“software”) documentation that accompanies them and has been made available to the licensee at no cost or cost. This agreement prevails over other agreements or conditions incorporated into the software. Only one license is required for the use of the backup software of a single device.